How Can I Improve My YouTube SEO?

It’s true! Video has become one of the most important forms of content marketing and its presence could make or break your optimization efforts. Google’s algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites with video content. Video is magical, but when you combine it with good SEO and valuable content, that’s when the real magic happens. Here, we are talking about the best YouTube practices that can help you achieve high average position ranking and high click-through rate on YouTube.

You put hours of efforts in making fascinating videos for your YouTube channel, but if no one is watching your videos then how your brand will grow? This is where you need a good understanding of best YouTube SEO practices. With smart YouTube SEO strategy, users will be able to search and watch your videos with ease.

By optimizing your videos for search engines, you will not only get more views but also enjoy many other benefits-

High Conversions

Youtube is  #2 search engine on the web. Hence, it’s important to invest your time in optimizing your video and channel to rank high on YouTube.

By simply integrating a video into email marketing, you can increase subscribers by more than 50%.

Build Brand Value and Credibility

People prefer videos over any other content type to understand anything. SEO optimized Youtube videos with high ranking will build the brand’s identity and visibility for your business.

Get an Edge Over Competition

Instead of writing blog posts or other form of content, you should create explainer videos as it will help you outstand your competition.  You can also embed your videos in a relevant blog post to get more clicks from the reader.

To enjoy all above-mentioned benefits, you must learn about the best YouTube SEO practices to optimize your videos and channel in the right manner.

The Best Youtube SEO Practices That will Fuel Your Brand’s Growth in 2019

Keyword Research

Just like any other search engine, YouTube is also guided by keywords. So, it’s important to understand which keywords will work for you.

You must use keyword search tools that help you find YouTube-specific keywords, instead of generic ones.

Once you get that, the next step is to choose the best keywords from this lot. For that, you need to target only low/medium competition keywords with low/average competition. With a new channel,  you can’t compete with well-established brands. You need to choose the keywords smartly to bypass this competition.

Sega Saturn


Can you compete for this keyword? It already has more than 500k search results available.

I don’t think so.

So, choosing the right keyword is the first step to YouTube video optimization.

Elements to Optimize YouTube Videos-

Following are some important elements that you should include in your video content to get a higher rank on YouTube-

  1. Target Keyword- Your main target keyword should be included in your video content. It will help your target audience find your videos without wasting much time on YouTube.

Tip- Just like blog posts, you should add your target keyword at the beginning of the title.

  1. Description- Write an informative description content while spreading the keywords naturally in it. It will optimize your video, and help search engine crawlers understand the context of the video easily.

Tip-Include the target keywords within the first paragraph of the video description. Content must be around 250 words and include the keyword into the description at least 2-4 times.

  1. Tags-  Using search-relevant tags certainly helps. You can also use your keyword as tags. Plus, you can include different tags that you have talked in your video.

YouTube Channel Optimization

In an addition to optimizing your video, you should also optimize your YouTube channel. Firstly, your channel will rank higher on Youtube. Plus, if your channel is on one of the top ranks, then it will generate more subscribers, hence more views.

Tip: Include the targeted keywords in your channel description.

How you optimize your video within 48-72 hours after you upload the video is very critical since it decides the success of your video as well as your video channel.

If you do it correctly, you will rise otherwise your video or channel might sink.

Work on these Youtube SEO practices and increase your subscribers as well as views quickly.