Learn How to Write For Your Target Audience With The Yoast Plugin

Google has gradually become the “Bible” of online marketing strategies.

People look for answers ranging from “How to beat cancer” to “How to spot a cheater in a relationship”.

It’s like people are relying on Google for picking out information of every sort.

But, as a digital marketing service provider, there is always a conflict between what to write and who to write for. And, most of the times, we end up writing according to our SEO strategies, rather than providing value to our audience.

But, is it the right way to get the things done for creating a niche for yourself in an online space?

Well, at times “YES”, but most of the times, it’s a “BIG NO”.

Let’s understand the importance of “content driven” marketing strategy for ranking better on the world’s most searched search engine “Google”.

But, what does Google actually do?

A Search Engine That Understands Quality

This is what Google is meant to do.

Help people.

This philosophy made Google one of the most loved “search engine” among not millions but billions of users carrying out more than a trillion of online searches every day.

And unlike, what many digital marketers or content creators think, Google is smart enough to rank quality content instead of content written just for SEO purposes.

The sole reason, why people still love Google and will continue to do so.

I understand you would be searching for the answer to the question,

“ Who to write for?”


“What should be on the priority?”

But,  before that, addressing some problems can help you understand the final result in a much better way.

What Exactly Is The Good Quality Content?

If you think you can beat search engine rankings with “keywords”, then you are highly mistaken. Google has all the ways to determine whether or not the content published has quality. For the required information, it usually relies on the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.

And, this rating is entirely different from the factors that might be responsible for ranking your website on SERPs. To make it more clear, we have enlisted the key components that will determine the quality of your content.

  • First and foremost is the “intention of the page”. You need to assess the basic reason for developing a particular page or a blog.
  • Focus on delivering content as per the concept of “E.A.T”.
  • Website information and credibility. I am sure while writing content, many people or rather everyone refers to one or more websites working in a similar niche. So, including the links of good websites will also act as a deciding factor of whether or not you are producing good quality content.
  • Next on the list is the relevance of content as per search queries. Producing great content will turn useless if the content doesn’t solve any search purposes.

This does not mean, you start inserting keywords recklessly here and there. This simply means you understand the problem and make sure your content answers the problem in the best possible way.

Coming to…

Who To Write For?

Well, why prioritize one over the other, when we can please both at the same time.

You must be thinking, what the hell?

I know, I know.

But, that’s how you can actually make your audience and search engines happy and that too at the same time.

Without further ado, let’s learn the secret ingredients for writing content that is both user and search-engine friendly.

Content For Search Engines- How To Do It?

Every SEO company loves the YOAST plug-in.

Having this tool will help manage SEO while posting content in the best possible way.

Image Source: CoSchedule

And this is how the plugin works after you add content to a new post edior

Image Credits: CoSchedule
  • Orange- Content is fine but needs a bit of improvement
  • Green – Perfect! Your content is good to go
  • Red – You need to re-do it immediately

Tips and Tricks For Making The Signal Green At All Times

Using Keyword In the Right Places

The whole concept of Yoast is about using the right or focused keyword in the right places. For instance, the focus keyword should be used in meta-titles and descriptions along with the first paragraph of the content.

Also, the density of focused keywords along with LSI’s must be around 1.3% to 2% as long as it does not feel too stuffed out there.

Try and Keep The Slug Short

That is what a slug looks like

To keep the slug in your favor, you can focus on the objective and effect of data in the content.

For example, let’s look at the headline “Juggling Between Writing For Search Engines or Your Target Audience? “

Here, the objectives are writing, search engine, and your target audience. While the effect is “ balance”. So, here’s what I came up with the ideas for my blog-

  • Writing-Search engine-balance
  • Writing-balance-search engine_audience
  • Balance-search engine-audience-writing

So. I chose the second one.

As it was direct with what I wanted to emphasize on this article, similar to what we said before- objective and effect.

Linking Content

This is something which almost every digital marketer service provider understands the concept of linking — Internal and external.

This builds credibility of your website and blog. Make sure the content is well-researched.

For external links, use websites with high DA or PA, or higher Alexa ranking to the region that you wish to target.


Google algorithms are now considering long-form content as the preferred choice when ranking a post on SERPs.

Image Source: CoSchedule

Writing more than 2000 words generally work in your favor.

But personally, anything between 1000-1500 will benefit you in the best possible way.


Make sure you write content as per the length recommended.

For instance, the SEO title must be as long as 60 characters or else you might have to cut some content out on publishing.

The same goes for meta-descriptions and page titles.

Now, that we have learned about SEO writing, the trick is to also understand how to write for your audience. After all, that’s who we actually write for in the end.

Content For Target Audience- How To Do It?

You may be be aware of how Yoast works for SEO purposes. What you might not be aware of, or are ignoring is that it also helps track the quality of content.

For starters, it will notify you whether or not the content is readable even for a 9th standard

Image Source: Logenlanka
Image Source: aqibnazir.com

While RED simply means “Not good for readers”, GREEN means “You did it”.

Tips and Tricks For Making The Signal Green At All Times

Go for Headings and Subheadings

Don’t just write haphazardly.

Think of the layout of your post first, then start writing about it. Ideally, original concept, or providing solutions to trending questions works best for most people.

However, use different headings and subheadings to make the write-up more engaging for your target audience.

Length of Paragraph and Sentences

Don’t just go on with writing long sentences, trying to prove a point.

Instead, go for sentences with around 15-17 words at the most. Along with that, make short paragraphs of around 2-3 lines to avoid getting monotonous.

Using Transition Words

Here are some words that can help you create lively and engaging content for your readers.

  • Write in the Active Voice

Writing content entirely in the passive voice will affect the quality and readability of the blog post. Writing in passive also sounds a bit ancient and mundane. Best to let it go.

We are hopeful that these tips and tricks will help you rank higher in the search rankings along with keeping the engagement right at the top as well.

After all, keeping search engines and audience happy is the mission of digital marketing. Ignoring any of the two will affect your business results drastically.

Keeping the right balance is the key to success.

Happy writing!

How Can I Improve My YouTube SEO?

It’s true! Video has become one of the most important forms of content marketing and its presence could make or break your optimization efforts. Google’s algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites with video content. Video is magical, but when you combine it with good SEO and valuable content, that’s when the real magic happens. Here, we are talking about the best YouTube practices that can help you achieve high average position ranking and high click-through rate on YouTube.

You put hours of efforts in making fascinating videos for your YouTube channel, but if no one is watching your videos then how your brand will grow? This is where you need a good understanding of best YouTube SEO practices. With smart YouTube SEO strategy, users will be able to search and watch your videos with ease.

By optimizing your videos for search engines, you will not only get more views but also enjoy many other benefits-

High Conversions

Youtube is  #2 search engine on the web. Hence, it’s important to invest your time in optimizing your video and channel to rank high on YouTube.

By simply integrating a video into email marketing, you can increase subscribers by more than 50%.

Build Brand Value and Credibility

People prefer videos over any other content type to understand anything. SEO optimized Youtube videos with high ranking will build the brand’s identity and visibility for your business.

Get an Edge Over Competition

Instead of writing blog posts or other form of content, you should create explainer videos as it will help you outstand your competition.  You can also embed your videos in a relevant blog post to get more clicks from the reader.

To enjoy all above-mentioned benefits, you must learn about the best YouTube SEO practices to optimize your videos and channel in the right manner.

The Best Youtube SEO Practices That will Fuel Your Brand’s Growth in 2019

Keyword Research

Just like any other search engine, YouTube is also guided by keywords. So, it’s important to understand which keywords will work for you.

You must use keyword search tools that help you find YouTube-specific keywords, instead of generic ones.

Once you get that, the next step is to choose the best keywords from this lot. For that, you need to target only low/medium competition keywords with low/average competition. With a new channel,  you can’t compete with well-established brands. You need to choose the keywords smartly to bypass this competition.

Sega Saturn

Source: https://backlinko.com/how-to-rank-youtube-videos

Can you compete for this keyword? It already has more than 500k search results available.

I don’t think so.

So, choosing the right keyword is the first step to YouTube video optimization.

Elements to Optimize YouTube Videos-

Following are some important elements that you should include in your video content to get a higher rank on YouTube-

  1. Target Keyword- Your main target keyword should be included in your video content. It will help your target audience find your videos without wasting much time on YouTube.

Tip- Just like blog posts, you should add your target keyword at the beginning of the title.

  1. Description- Write an informative description content while spreading the keywords naturally in it. It will optimize your video, and help search engine crawlers understand the context of the video easily.

Tip-Include the target keywords within the first paragraph of the video description. Content must be around 250 words and include the keyword into the description at least 2-4 times.

  1. Tags-  Using search-relevant tags certainly helps. You can also use your keyword as tags. Plus, you can include different tags that you have talked in your video.

YouTube Channel Optimization

In an addition to optimizing your video, you should also optimize your YouTube channel. Firstly, your channel will rank higher on Youtube. Plus, if your channel is on one of the top ranks, then it will generate more subscribers, hence more views.

Tip: Include the targeted keywords in your channel description.

How you optimize your video within 48-72 hours after you upload the video is very critical since it decides the success of your video as well as your video channel.

If you do it correctly, you will rise otherwise your video or channel might sink.

Work on these Youtube SEO practices and increase your subscribers as well as views quickly.