6 Lessons That Every Digital Marketing Service Provider Can Grasp From Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go introduced Augmented Reality in the gaming universe at a large scale. Yes AR was present before as well, but Pokemon Go was able to find the right balance between the nostalgic story-line and the new age technology. A Digital Marketing Service Provider could learn a lot from the application.

Are you hooked to gaming?

From Nintendo consoles to PlayStation to PCs and finally on to Smartphones now. The spectrum of gaming has evolved. Where do you stand among this gaming community?

Oh yes!

There is a community now.


The biggest YouTube channel belongs to a gamer. Though T-Series is putting up a tough fight for the biggest YouTube channel, gaming has been able to rule the internet for the past few years.

And it’s rising like never before. And so, many companies are now investing in not only these coming of the age games but also the tech that fuels them.

Games like PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends have transcended deep into the lives of the people. The paradigm is ever so expanding and the horizon seems to have no end. Let’s rewind back a bit to 2016.

2016 was the year of Augmented Reality. “Pokemon Go” came and conquered.

My childhood was all about Pokemon. Ash Ketchup and his adventures. Quoting the millennial’s, I used to binge watch the show all the time.

Remember when the show used to run marathons on the weekends?


So, the game was a big rage. It brought the ultimate dream of being a Pokemon trainer to life. Roaming in the city in search of rare Pokemon’s, having those duels and winning badges.

The game was a real success.

Here are six things digital marketing service providers can learn from Pokemon Go

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the future. It has been there for a long time but it was Pokemon that brought it in the big leagues. Yes, it is still generation 1 of the concept but it is definitely the way forward.

You linger around in the streets and see a Bulbasaur right next to a night lamp through the camera of your smartphone, that is Augmented Reality.

It’s 2019 and AG is on the rise

Many companies that are investing big money in augmented as well as virtual reality. People are starting to realize that these emerging technologies can suck the users in.

We now know that this could be the thing that goes viral and so it’s definitely a good time to invest in AR and VR. You can use this tech to provide your customers with an exquisite and unique shopping experience.

If IKEA can use it to show it’s users how furniture will look in a certain corner of a room, so can you!


Today innovation is very important for any business. Technology is ever evolving and blending it with unique ideas can power up any business with ease.

Innovation is the smartest strategy you can implement for garnering more users and increasing the sales of your products. Pokemon Go brought a new experience to their target audience and they simply loved it!

Rather than dwelling in a corner brainstorming new ideas, crushing paper and making those long dustbin shots (at which I am no less than a Bryant), try and examine what you already have and know.

Have a look around and try to work on staple ideas to come up with something different and unique.


What is one thing that you can not live without?

The one thing you make sure you do not leave your house without when? That sums up the amount of people you can target using a mobile friendly online business.

Yes, Pokemon Go did the same. Today almost everybody carries a smartphone. It now seems to be more of a need than a necessity.

Especially today when big players like Tencent, Sony and Electronic Arts are also launching console games for smartphones.

Making your business mobile-friendly can be the best thing you do for your business.

Similarly, you need to make sure your product or service is mobile friendly.

Google ranks mobile-friendly sites higher than others. The masterstroke of Pokemon Go was that it used all the features in a smartphone so elegantly to create an immersive experience.

They used the camera, GPS, sharing function, mapping and various other features that are generally present in every smartphone.

A great lesson for any internet marketing company to learn from. Because at the end of the day, the question that matters the most is “What are we providing our users?”


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

Wise words by a wise man.

Pokemon Go strategized and planned everything just so perfect. Ever wondered why they released it on that particular day or month?

They planned it perfectly.

Their target audience were teens and they released it during the summer break in the United States.

Check Mate!

The app sales rocketed as children and teens spent their summer breaks roaming in the city looking to fill up their Poke-balls. So, when planning to incorporate features or launch your application timing is always key.


Who doesn’t like winning?

I don’t know, it is probably in our psychology that we tend to get immersed in competitions. Especially when you have to keep it simple and not let the brain churn out its oil.

And what was complicated in Pokemon Go?

The developers made sure that the concept remained true to the story and also provided a simple and seamless user experience.

Another lesson well illustrated.

By incorporating small puzzles and simple gamification tools one can attract a number of users to their online space.

My mother says, “There is beauty in simplicity.” I bet she pulled it off from a Facebook post. Something a digital marketing service provider could take a note of.


Okay, so I saved the best for the last. Pokemon Go is just the perfect example of omni-channel marketing. It’s like a portal that ties a string between the virtual and real world.

People use the camera of their smartphones to look for Pikachus (which are just so very rare) on the streets. The Pokemon’s may be virtual but the streets are very real.

Now, some brilliant brains behind the app thought of the business applications this could involve. Small businesses can pay to create their shop as a Pokestop. And thus increasing traffic and footfall.

Great way to place ads in the perfect context that directly impacts the sales!

This game is real proof the tech is evolving and we need to do the same. Technology keeps on growing and we need to keep on adapting. It is easier to get to the top than to sustain that top position. So join the top online firms by implementing these simple strategies in your services.

A Day Well Spent- When Everything Turned Into A Fun-Filled Chaos

Activities promote office culture and help your teams communicate and work well together. The JDM family participated in a scavenger hunt and hell broke through. Read more about all the fun we had at work.

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” – Babe Ruth

Absolutely true!

Investing in team building activities is very essential for any digital marketing agency. And so was the case for us.

Working Saturday’s can get very blue so we sometimes do have activities to keep us going through the day.

We enjoyed a game of Chinese Whispers a fortnight ago and wasn’t really sure if we will be doing something this working Saturday.

And just like that, we all got this invite before lunch time:

And The Anticipation Begins…

Oh, this was unusual.

We usually had activities that never involved walking around.

And scavenger hunts are totally opposite of that. It was instantly interesting.

We had something new to talk about after lunch.

The teams & details of the game were still not disclosed. This just added to the mystery. But this certainly seemed like a fun-filled team building activity.

We all desperately wanted to have some fun at work as it had been a while.

And So It Began…

It was an evening full of parchments filled with clues for every team. Every member of the JDM family was asked to wait in the conference room while the Operation Head was busy spreading all the answers to each clue in various parts of the building compound.

Well, a physical task for her as well, which she tries to avoid most times of the day.


And once we were given our teams and game rules, complete chaos broke out and every team just wanted to be out there.

And The Story Isn’t Over Yet

For the game to begin, we were divided into teams and then clues were given. The rules were very simple — Find the places hidden in the clues. Every clue lead to a parchment that revealed one alphabet which would eventually form a word.

All teams were within departments and we had 5 of them eventually:

    • SEO Team 1- Surfers
    • SEO Team 2- Searchers
    • Content Team- Creators
    • Design and Development Team- Decoders
    • Animation Team – Editors

The building was full of clues, here and there. And everybody was asked to look for their respective clues. Here is what some of them sounded like:

“I am a rectangular 3 dimensional sunny object you can find along a climb.”

This hunt may sound a little tough, but look around where Raman sir keeps his stuff.”

I can sometimes be a verb, I can sometimes be a noun. I am a piece of silverware, that can reflect things upside down.”

Has handles, but isn’t a car. Has point ends but isn’t a star”

How We Got Around To It

We got the clues and we couldn’t really hold off our thrill and excitement. One person was seen going up and another down the stairs.

While others were running around looking in pots, refrigerator. Some even searched the washrooms for clues.

In short, we looked through every nook and cranny. And our office is located with a few others in a big building. Narrow alleys and quite a few terraces would best describe the scenario. It was a big maze for us.

We all had a good laugh, kept making jokes about each others silly behaviors. Some people found clues that did not belong to them and then decided to hide them away for good.

Well, it’s absolutely true! “Everything is fair in love and war”.

Although, there wasn’t either of them going on. Or was it?

Well, who knows!

It was good to see everyone in the team taking part in the hunt. Helping each other, finding and organizing the clues they found. After all, this is what teamwork is all about.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Absolutely true in every sense.

We were not along in the quest for finding our parchments. The hosts also pooled in. Well! They were distracting most of the times. So we all had to trust our instinct’s really. And those of our team members.

Award Time!

So, the amazing hunt finally came to an end after about 45 minutes with obviously one team winning it all. Can you guess who they were?

Oh, what a silly question. Of course, you won’t.

It was SEO Team 1 – Surfers.

Followed by SEO Team 2 – Searchers and Animation team – Editors.

Congrats guys! You all deserved every bit of it.

Although, it might look that it was a one-man show. But, it was something which could not have been possible if everyone in a team did not chip in their efforts together.

From where I see it, this small activity really bought me closer to my team. Which, I assume was the case for everyone.  It was an opportunity to work with your team and it was fun! Sans the work pressure.

After all, this is what team games are all about.

And it all boils down to 

“Teams coming together for a task and making it work with  fun, commitment, and success.”

This was a very good activity that rejuvenated our spirits. From how I see it, since then my team communicates better. We always have a laugh or are up to something. It’s incredible that by doing this our productivity has gone through the roof.

We all now love a challenge!

Let’s hope there is something interesting in store for us this working Saturday at work!

How Can Content Make or Break Your Business?

The success of your online business primarily determined by the quality of its content. It’s the first thing that connects your visitors to your business and delivers the message to them. All other components of your website such as design, visual, etc. play a secondary role. If you’ve effective taglines, catchy design will only enhance their effectiveness, but the design itself doesn’t convert. You first need to define target personas for your website and then determine how you will target them.

Good content is what sets your business apart from the crowd and delivers the right message to your target market.

It is important to say the right thing in the right way at the right time to drive lucrative results.

Therefore, it is important for every business to understand investing in quality content.

To quote an example:

“Share-a-Coke” campaign

This tagline won millions of hearts.

All they did was printing different taglines for different occasions which their consumers could relate to themselves.

This was a smart strategy for selling the product while making people feel special at the same time. Similarly, many brands and companies have understood the value of content marketing.

The Importance of Content And Why it is Beneficial For Your Company

Because it helps to:

  1. Create Awareness- Content helps consumers to understand, how using your product can solve their problem like Teasers via print or digital media.
  2. Establish your brand- Once you have made awareness, using different types of content marketing strategies(blogs, social media, videos) will take your brand ahead of your competition.
  3. Create Influence- After establishing a name for your brand in the market, now using smart content strategies (Reviews, Customer feedbacks, Videos, Social Media) will influence your customers to buy your product as compared to your competitors.

Content – The Foundation Pillar of any Marketing Strategy

  • SEO

SEO would mean nothing if it is not backed up with good quality and unique content to engage users.

Not getting enough traffic?

[Get FREE SEO Audit]

Also, Google favors websites which keeps updating its content using appropriate SEO strategies like keywords, link building, emails and many more.

Source: https://www.siegemedia.com/strategy/content-marketing-examples


Many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter is used by millions of potential customers/ consumers.

But, what makes these platforms rise in popularity?


Exactly. Image submissions, infographics, videos. Anything you do is related to content in one way or the other.

If your content is not “Bang on”, then even high-quality images or creativity will fail to deliver your message.

Source: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-marketing-examples/


Although, this is a part of digital media marketing. But, videos have become a different entity altogether.

They say 1 million words= 1 video.

But, what makes any video so interesting?


Just putting some animation without any strategy will not leave any impact, if you don’t have appropriate content to make it impactful.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf019d0GzPE


You might have a fantastic website along with spot-on SEO strategies but, if you don’t reach out to your customers, then all these efforts might get wasted.

A good company is one which includes all the requirements which will influence many customers to buy their product or service instead of their competitors.

But, what makes it possible to reach their customers?

I am guessing, now you would surely have an answer.



You can use content strategies like FAQs, Tutorials, Testimonials, Reviews and many more to answer all the queries of our customer coupled with showing your gratitude that your customers mean a lot.

Source: https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2018/06/reviews-content-pitfalls/

To wrap it up,

Content marketing is the beginning of any marketing plan or strategies.

Use it wisely and garner a lot of attention.