Grow Your Local Business with these SEO Trends in 2019

In today’s competitive you need unique and innovative strategies to expand your local business. Digital Marketing is an effective way of doing it. But how do you get your website rank higher in Google search results? What are the developments in google that affect the search results? Well, you need to know this to increase traffic on your website. Therefore, you require top-notch SEO services more than ever in 2019.

Building a website for your local business?

It is one of the best modes of free advertising, and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Great, right?


There’s more…

You don’t even have to burn your midnight oil in learning coding or designing — no burning of any kind whatsoever.

In addition to this, your online store is not limited to any specific business hours also.

Convinced yet?

Having a local business website isn’t just about selling your products or services online- it’s also about providing something of value to your potential customers.

Let’s me first highlight the itinerary for today:

Why local businesses think they don’t need a website
Why local business need a website now than ever
What improvements needed in your local business website

Namaste Google!

Remember those times when a simple query with local intent used to bring up a big pack of ten nearby businesses as search results?

Each search result used to take the user directly to the business’ website. All it required was a pinch of marketing effort and google showered our website with presents in the form of traffic, ranking, and conversions.

Those were the times.

So what happened?

Google happened.

These SERPs shrank from ten to seven, and then to three.

In 2018, the results consisted of layers and layers of Google-owned interfaces instead of direct-to-website links. The gifts became cheap and weren’t even wrapped properly.

So what can you do to earn those gifts?

Google is like the motherboard of internet marketing. It changes its algorithms 100 times in a year.

So you have to remain a step ahead of them and have a vision for 2019 that will help your local business grow.

This can only happen with an immaculate SEO strategy.

Today, digital marketing campaigns are at a high not just because they create brand awareness, but because they generate leads essential for the growth of your business.

You so need those gifts, right? Let’s wrap up some strategies that will get you in the good books of Google

Mobile-first indexing:

In December 2018, Google announced that its mobile-first indexing powers over half of the pages shown in it’s search results.

Mobile-first indexing allows the search engine to index and crawl the web. In layman terms, Google indexes your web page based upon how it renders on a mobile phone instead of a desktop computer.

So to get a higher ranking this year, making your website more mobile friendly will definitely help.


High-quality content is very essential for your website.

Google has its spiders crawling all over the web space to quality check your content. With each year, Google is getting better in separating good content from bad content.

Therefore, the better your content is, the higher you will rank on search results.

Also, good content builds trust and gives value to your customers.

SEO can help you channel more visitors to your website and increase authenticity for Google spiders.

Voice Search:

Google is definitely all set for tomorrow.

Believing strongly that more and more searches in the future will be voice based. Products like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are taking voice assistance to another level.

Hence, strategising SEO with this aspect becomes all the more essential now.

Here you need to focus on keywords that are six to ten words long as people tend to use phrases while using voice searches.

With every year you need to adapt to this ever-changing SEO format.


Link building is a tool that is very important in your small business’ SEO strategy.

If your content is good, publishers and other companies will share your content with the link of your website, boosting your SEO.

Links are one thing that have remained constant in the SEO strategies over time.

According to 2019 local search ranking factors released by Moz 27% was attributed to link signals.

2019 will bring more intensity and sharpness into the competition. Every local business wants to rank high to get maximum clicks, traffic, and conversions, but It won’t be that easy now.

You will need a strong local business website to bypass competition put by Google to help people reach your business without facing any problem.