A Day Well Spent- When Everything Turned Into A Fun-Filled Chaos

Activities promote office culture and help your teams communicate and work well together. The JDM family participated in a scavenger hunt and hell broke through. Read more about all the fun we had at work.

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” – Babe Ruth

Absolutely true!

Investing in team building activities is very essential for any digital marketing agency. And so was the case for us.

Working Saturday’s can get very blue so we sometimes do have activities to keep us going through the day.

We enjoyed a game of Chinese Whispers a fortnight ago and wasn’t really sure if we will be doing something this working Saturday.

And just like that, we all got this invite before lunch time:

And The Anticipation Begins…

Oh, this was unusual.

We usually had activities that never involved walking around.

And scavenger hunts are totally opposite of that. It was instantly interesting.

We had something new to talk about after lunch.

The teams & details of the game were still not disclosed. This just added to the mystery. But this certainly seemed like a fun-filled team building activity.

We all desperately wanted to have some fun at work as it had been a while.

And So It Began…

It was an evening full of parchments filled with clues for every team. Every member of the JDM family was asked to wait in the conference room while the Operation Head was busy spreading all the answers to each clue in various parts of the building compound.

Well, a physical task for her as well, which she tries to avoid most times of the day.


And once we were given our teams and game rules, complete chaos broke out and every team just wanted to be out there.

And The Story Isn’t Over Yet

For the game to begin, we were divided into teams and then clues were given. The rules were very simple — Find the places hidden in the clues. Every clue lead to a parchment that revealed one alphabet which would eventually form a word.

All teams were within departments and we had 5 of them eventually:

    • SEO Team 1- Surfers
    • SEO Team 2- Searchers
    • Content Team- Creators
    • Design and Development Team- Decoders
    • Animation Team – Editors

The building was full of clues, here and there. And everybody was asked to look for their respective clues. Here is what some of them sounded like:

“I am a rectangular 3 dimensional sunny object you can find along a climb.”

This hunt may sound a little tough, but look around where Raman sir keeps his stuff.”

I can sometimes be a verb, I can sometimes be a noun. I am a piece of silverware, that can reflect things upside down.”

Has handles, but isn’t a car. Has point ends but isn’t a star”

How We Got Around To It

We got the clues and we couldn’t really hold off our thrill and excitement. One person was seen going up and another down the stairs.

While others were running around looking in pots, refrigerator. Some even searched the washrooms for clues.

In short, we looked through every nook and cranny. And our office is located with a few others in a big building. Narrow alleys and quite a few terraces would best describe the scenario. It was a big maze for us.

We all had a good laugh, kept making jokes about each others silly behaviors. Some people found clues that did not belong to them and then decided to hide them away for good.

Well, it’s absolutely true! “Everything is fair in love and war”.

Although, there wasn’t either of them going on. Or was it?

Well, who knows!

It was good to see everyone in the team taking part in the hunt. Helping each other, finding and organizing the clues they found. After all, this is what teamwork is all about.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Absolutely true in every sense.

We were not along in the quest for finding our parchments. The hosts also pooled in. Well! They were distracting most of the times. So we all had to trust our instinct’s really. And those of our team members.

Award Time!

So, the amazing hunt finally came to an end after about 45 minutes with obviously one team winning it all. Can you guess who they were?

Oh, what a silly question. Of course, you won’t.

It was SEO Team 1 – Surfers.

Followed by SEO Team 2 – Searchers and Animation team – Editors.

Congrats guys! You all deserved every bit of it.

Although, it might look that it was a one-man show. But, it was something which could not have been possible if everyone in a team did not chip in their efforts together.

From where I see it, this small activity really bought me closer to my team. Which, I assume was the case for everyone.  It was an opportunity to work with your team and it was fun! Sans the work pressure.

After all, this is what team games are all about.

And it all boils down to 

“Teams coming together for a task and making it work with  fun, commitment, and success.”

This was a very good activity that rejuvenated our spirits. From how I see it, since then my team communicates better. We always have a laugh or are up to something. It’s incredible that by doing this our productivity has gone through the roof.

We all now love a challenge!

Let’s hope there is something interesting in store for us this working Saturday at work!

The Journey so Far… How Life is Changing at JDM

There are various thoughts in your mind when you join a new job. I had my version of expectations as well. Working as a content writer can definitely be a roller coaster ride for some. Here is my story.

This is my story!

I was well off in my bed, having a good sleep. Had just left my job and life couldn’t have been better. Or so I thought. For you to know me, you have to understand that there are a few things I can’t live without.

My passion to write.
My love for football, Chelsea to be exact. (Don’t judge okay, we all are just going through a rough phase here!)
And the most important of all, sleep

Don’t ask why I left my previous job. Just move along…I had an interview planned for the afternoon and was very excited about it. Wore my best clothes, looked as formal as I could and reached the place. Like a good boy I arrived early so had to wait for a bit.

So tell me what does anybody do when they are waiting to be called for an interview?

I personally counted the fish in the aquarium. Firstly, fishes are cute. Secondly, they were hiding behind those little houses and sunken ships. Thirdly, aquariums are always distracting.

Hello Anshu, welcome to my life.

She is the Operational Head of the company and was my interviewer. I remember the interview distinctly not because it happened just a couple of months back but you could say that I have a good memory. Her personality if I explain it to you is ‘Chill.’ Pretty much how I live my life.

For all that I know, I was selected, wonder what she was thinking (probably good things) and I accepted the offer.

Like any other Indian I was imagining that someone will be there on the door holding a ‘Pooja Thali’ to welcome me. Was it like that? I ll just say, “Not exactly.”

First days are always awkward. Introductions! Right?

And those can quickly get embarrassing.

You get to know a lot about a company from how they treat a newbie. I sat in my cubicle or you could say my workstation, shook hands with my team and tried to understand the work. That time I learned that here teamwork will be a key.

I sat so masterly with Anshu, the enigma of the office, pardon me for making points with my boss, but honestly she may have a cluttered desk but she organizes her work like anything. Have a chat with her for 5 minutes and you’ll know what I am talking about.

You have to know this, I had no background in marketing. I remember telling me in the interview that I might not have the technical knowledge but she liked my unconventional approach towards things. So, the first day all I did was understand the work that the company does. I went through the web pages, the work structure and was excited to get some words out the next day.

I got late. Damn!

It was the second day only. But, they let me off. I am not that social and get very awkward around people. But the content team was very welcoming.

Who likes a guy constantly poking and asking obvious questions? Shikha does. Shikha Bhatt is one of the most experienced member of the team and a great person by heart. If you need her she is there. That is when I realized that they want me to ask questions because they don’t want me to memorize but understand and learn.

In just a couple of days, I knew the place was fit for me. In contrast to my last job, this place had a work culture that is driven by creativity and ideas. The CEO sits with us. Obviously he has his own big desk, but he is right there. I always used to imagine a grumpy boss, it took me a week to get my head around the fact that our CEO was as ‘chill’ as our Operational Head.

Made points with the super boss. Beat that!

In just two months, I have learnt more than I did in my last 2 years. No, I am not just saying that, it is true. I have written content for almost every field. We work on more than 100 websites ranging from telemedicine to home appliances.

And it is not just about writing. With interactive sessions between teams we get to learn about everything like SEO, graphic designing, social media marketing etc. I for example am handling a social network for a client with Vaishali, an SEO team member.

This is what the company brings to the table. It is not just about the remunerations that I take home with me but the learning and experience as well. So, if you ask me do I get satisfied after a day’s work here, I would say, yes. My sleep surely got better and you know how much I like sleeping.

So, these two months may just be 0.72% of my life (yes, I really did calculate) but the things I have learned here have a much higher percentage. Imagine my growth, one year from today. If you are imagining, then imagine me at least 6 ft tall, handsome looks, tanned and charming.

There you go. You caught me. This is exactly who I am. No, not delusional! Just that I have a happy young soul eager to learn.

Okay, Ciao for now!